Sunday, November 30, 2008

Little Helper

Last night, I changed Natalie's diaper and put her pajamas on. I thought I'd let Natalie prove to her daddy how good of a helper she is during the day. So I gave her the dirty diaper and told her to throw it away. She started heading to the kitchen trash (which I knew was kind of full, and therefore more tempting to go through) so I say, "no, go dump it in the bathroom." So she turns, swinging those little arms like she's on this big mission, and goes into the bathroom. Jordan and I exchange proud looks that seem to say, "oh yeah, we have a pretty smart little girl!" But then, a "splash" is what we hear and this is what we see....

I quick grabbed the camera and we didn't even have to tell her to pose. I guess she is just as smart as we thought she was because we've been trying to teach her that this is where our pee goes!

1 comment:

  1. Good Job Nana! That will teach them!!! Can't wait to play with you on Wednesday...what kind of trouble can we get into!

    your bud