Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Natalie's walking the walk and talking the talk

Natalie started walking on June 1 and she's all over the place now! Sometimes she tries to run but isn't quite sturdy enough for that yet. She's definately getting a stronger personality too. It's so fun to hear her babble all the time. So far, she can say a few different things including "no" which she says after I say it to her. She's a good little girl and yet I get after her sometimes because she knows when she's being naughty too. It can be kind of challenging. She loves to point to things and babble on about them. She's so entertaining. I could play with her all day long and sometimes I do!

Natalie can open our bathroom door and then this happens. So I tell her "no, no" and she will either say it right back to me or in this case, break down and start hyperventilating!

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  1. Oh my!!! Walking!!!! Morgan took three steps this morning to but then she falls and starts giggling!!! How fun! You better get your running shoes on now!!! Let's get together soon!!!