Thursday, May 29, 2008

Natalie is 11 months old!

Natalie is 11 months old now. I can't believe how fast that went and I know it's only going to go faster. She is so much fun right now. She's so playful! She has this thing where she loves to make other people laugh but then she tries to keep a straight face. It's amazing how much she understands too. I think she said "grandma" or "grandpa" last night. There's a lot of times when she'll say something that sounds like this or that and I think it probably is another word. She's very close to walking. She takes one step and then chicken's out and squats. These last couple of weeks, Gary has been barking and he never used to do that, but there are men working on a house next door and I think he's being protective of Natalie. He barks at the meter reader now too. Gary really does seem to like Natalie so I really think that's why he's barking all of a sudden. So now, of course, Natalie barks too!

That's dangerous!

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  1. Natalie is going to love that picture of her bare butt someday!! Thanks for finally up dating again!!!! 11 months...where has the time gone??? Morgan is starting to say more things too...well at least I think she is making the sounds!! :) Let's get together soon!