Monday, August 19, 2013

we're going to....


Jordan's parents are taking the entire family to the Magic Kingdom!  Actually, we'll be leaving Emmy behind since she won't get much out of it.  We are all so excited!  Jordan and I have been trying to figure out how to manage this for awhile and finally had decided to wait for a couple of years until Emmy would be old enough.  And maybe that plan won't change either.  But we're so happy that our girls, especially, can go now.  They are at the perfect ages to go since they're so into Disney movies and especially the princesses.  They've been asking us for years when we can go there... pretty much a couple times a week- everytime we put a Disney movie in and admire the castle.  Jordan and I went when Natalie was almost 3 and she's never forgotten that!  Jordan's parents told the kids and they were THRILLED!!!  We're really excited to fly with them, too, since none of them have ever been on an airplane either.  Charlie is crazy about airplanes.  Of course, mom and dad are pulling out all the stops.  Yes, we are so lucky!!  It'll be a long weekend and it kills me to have to leave Emmy but it does make the most sense.  So for the past couple of weeks now, Charlie tries to wear his Mickey shirt everyday and asks every morning and night if we are going to Disney World now.  So excited!!!!!

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