Wednesday, August 21, 2013

jordan's 29

We had to make Jordan's last birthday of his 20s special.  So the agenda we came up with:

First order of business: no birthday is complete without a pinata.  Jordan was thrilled... he had never hit at one before.  Natalie made it difficult for him, too!

Next: gifts.  I got him some new t-shirts and his favorite candy.  Natalie made him a special card (Harry Potter- Jordan's fave!), Ruby found a bumblebee and made me catch it (and then she wrapped the container), and Charlie repeatedly asked if it was his birthday yet and tried to remember to plug Jordan's name into the happy birthday song instead of his own.  Emmy had no clue what was going on so she just smiled!

there were 3 suckers in Jordan's pinata... that's convenient!

Dinner: we kidnapped Jordan, the girls put a blindfold back on him, and we drove to get some dinner.  I drove, that is.  We went to the Side-Door Party Store to get his birthday dinner... said no one ever!  But that's just what we did.  I had pre-ordered his favorite sandwich: the Man-Handler!!  A very delicious sandwich indeed.  Jordan used to take me here on dates on the way to the beach.  So it also has some sentiment to it as well.  Then to the park to eat it.

Dessert: why, a blonde brownie, of course (another favorite of his).


Then off to the Street Performers in downtown Holland where we also had to make a trip to the Peanut Store.  Jordan knew what he was going to get!!

We're so deep in love with this man and praying for many more birthdays to come!!

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