Sunday, August 18, 2013

charlie's three

After a solid month of Charlie asking almost everyday if it's his birthday yet, it had finally come!  And the pressure was on to make it as exciting as he'd imagined.  The night before, Jordan took him out for a happy meal and a trip to Cabelas.  He loved it and loved going out with only Jordan.  He loves his daddy.  He will sometimes tell me that his name is Jordan.  Maybe it's because I have called him Jordan before?!  And the girls were sleeping over at grandma's so I was able to give Charlie some undivided attention the next morning.  We sang happy birthday to him every hour and he sang it to himself.  I love this little man.  And for now, I think I'm his favorite person.  A few times a week he crawls in bed with us, right by me, and I have no intentions of stopping it!  Besides cuddling, we also like to read together, I love to tickle him, he likes to help me in the garden, he loves to help Jordan with anything, when he cries he will ask me if I'll dry his tears, and lately he loves for me to draw two little eyes on his tiny little fist and then the little wrinkled 'mouth' tries to eat me!  So we celebrated this little dude and we celebrate each of our kids everyday!  Happy third birthday to Charlie!

my attempt at an airplane!


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