Wednesday, April 24, 2013

emmy at five months

Emmy Ellamae is 5 months old now!  And what a month of progression!  It's incredible how fast she is growing up... probably because she is our last?!  She has two teeth that have popped through now and she scoots a little too much for being only 5 months old!  She loves tummy time and her exersaucer.  But most of all, she likes to sit with everyone and play.  She can sit unsupported for quite a while.  I want her to be  dependant for much longer than she seems to want to be.  She loves to be laid down while still awake to fall asleep on her own as opposed to being cuddled.  I know that I wished for that with Natalie especially, but now with my last child, I want her to fall asleep in my arms!  I've started her on some baby food and oatmeal and she loves it.  And since I've started her on some solids, she has been sleeping through the night!

Emmy is just a DOLL!  According to the growth charts, she is short and chubby (we don't need a growth chart to tell us that!)  She is in the 15th percentile for height (24.5in) and the 75th for weight (16.5lbs).  The last time we brought her in to the doctor, we noticed that her bottom eyelashes are inverted and they rest on her eye.  It doesn't seem to bother her except for occasionally her eyes are extra watery.  I'm hoping that they correct themselves or she'll need a simple surgery procedure done.  Sometimes she gets really hyper and she loves to grab my face with both hands and pull my face to hers so she can try to eat it.  She makes the most adorable, high-pitched, baby girl noises.  I cannot get enough of her!  She is such a happy baby.  We just love her to pieces!! 

In March, we dedicated Emma at church.  What this means is that we publically acknowledged in front of witnesses our promise to raise Emmy in a Christian home.  More than ever, my prayer for her is to always love the Lord and committ herself whole-heartedly to Him.  And in these early years, we will be responsible for guiding her into a relationship. 

We love you little Em!

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