Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Another. month. gone.  There are days when Jordan asks, 'What day is it tomorrow... Wednesday?'  And I correct him with, 'Friday!'.  And he seriously doesn't believe it.  And I don't either!  Our April just flew by.  It was consumed with our bathroom makeover, thoughts and worries over grandpa (who is doing better), and anxiety (for me anyway) over our 25k race.

But after a somewhat stressful month of April, we have had a 'dandy' couple of weeks of May!  I say 'dandy' in honor of our hometown Dandelion Festival of Borculo.  We love this festival and it was the perfect start to our month. The kids enjoyed playing on the huge inflatable-bouncy-babysitter things(seriously, what do you call those?!), they loved the pony rides, and the parade. That night, we went to the Tulip Time fireworks, after visiting with Grandpa and Grandma 'Myke'.  The kids had such a full day but they were awesome!  They loved the fireworks and Charlie has been talking about it ever since.  Even Emmy was oohing and ahhing over them.  So fun!!

Ruby: Advocate for Dandelions

The next week was Tulip Time.  It never ceases to amaze me how lame it is!  And yet, every year we join in the festivities and enjoy ourselves.  We even made a trip to Dutch Village recently.  The kids beg to go to there everytime we pass it and we assure them that it would not be worth their time (and our $$!).  But opening day was free, so we gave it a shot (afterall, we are Dutch).  It was like a time-warp over there.  Everything looks like it could be haunted!  But the kids had a great time on the carousel, flying-twirly swings (even Charlie!), and the zip-line.  We're not sure how the place is insured... it's like the way things used to be, in the olden days!  I took the kids out to a parade which was also a great time.  We had a picnic and a whole afternoon of quality time.  They were so wonderful and we all enjoyed the time together.  And that night, we went downtown again with Jordan to see Natalie's teacher Dutch Dance and to grab an elephant ear.  Another very full day but again, I was blown away by how great our kids were.  They're good kids as it is, but just like us big people, they get tired and crabby too!


Friday night, Jordan and I got a DATE NIGHT!  This was a big deal... we do not go on dates as often as we should or as often as we'd like!  It was fabulous: to be able to talk without interruptions, to get to hold eachother's hand, and to go to a restaurant where a kids' menu is non-existant.   We love family date nights but we L.O.V.E. nights to ourselves!  We weren't out too late though since the next day was the Riverbank Run.  We were both signed up to do the 25k but due to our very minimal training, I downgraded to the 10k.  The race went very good for both of us considering we didn't train.  Jordan ran the 25k and scored a 2:33:44 and I did the 10k at 1:00:56.  And best of all, no injuries!!

Sunday was Mother's Day!!  Natalie was so excited to finally give me the cards she had made at school and the picture framed of us and Ruby had a card for me, too!  Jordan surprised me with an ipod touch (yes, we are slightly behind the times!) and I am so happy to be able to join the world of texting!  We had both of our moms over.  My heart swells with love for my family.  Why am I so blessed to have them?!  But then when I think of how much I love them, I get a little glimpse of how God feels about me!  And He even loves me more than I love each of my kids and Jordan.  Incredible, unfathomable!

And to top it all off, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous.  Mid-70s, breezy, sunny.   My favorite kind of weather.  So the to-do list for the inside takes backseat to the outside to-do list. 

And I'm sunburned but smiling!

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