Friday, August 5, 2011


... it's where we'll be in 2 months! What?! You've never heard of it?!

Me neither.

It's in Guatemala. Jordan and I will be going with 10 others from our church. We'll be working with Pray America which is an amazing organization! Check out their website. Pray America focuses on the needs of the MANY widows and children in the area. Our team will be building houses for widows and participating in various feeding programs. We'll also just be building relationships and showing the people some love. Pray America has built over 600 homes, after which the women and children are invited to come to a weekly dinner followed by Bible study. Most of these women turn from their Mayan religion and become believers. The children are also fed and taught Bible studies. We've heard some awesome stories come out of this area! God is at work!!

We had been wanting to go on this Guatemala trip for a few months prior to officially signing up. As we dug into it a little more, though, we kind of got freaked out! During the final 'decision week', we were totally distracted and didn't give much thought and prayer to it. We had kind of just said, 'not now' until the night before we had to give our answer. When I came home that night, Jordan was doing a Bible study and he announced to me, 'we have to go'. We talked about it and realized that all of our 'reasons' not to go were actually 'excuses'. We believe that the devil was working hard that entire week to keep us distracted and, quite honestly, scared. We were scared to cover the cost of this trip, scared for Jordan to take off of work, scared to leave our kids, scared of how God might use us, and scared to commit time into our group and fundraisers. Even now as I write, I still have concerns. But we have both felt this nudging to go and we're just going to jump in and hope/pray for the best!

That being said, if you're a believer in prayer, will you pray for us and our team as well? And if you have a desire to give, let me know :) Our team would sure appreciate it!

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