Wednesday, August 3, 2011

charlie's first

My baby boy is ONE! Charlie turned one on July 30. We had a party for him on Friday night with our family. I think he had a good time! He didn't really get the opening presents thing but he liked all of them and he has been playing with his new toys more than his old toys! He enjoyed digging into his chocolate cake but only with little bites at a time, he didn't get crazy with it! And when the cake was about 1/3 of the way gone, he pushed the plate away! We also hauled out our enormous slip-n-slide which the kids thoroughly enjoyed! That night we had 6 of our neices and nephews sleep over. We gave them pop, junk food, and popcorn while they watched PG-13 movies, and we let them stay up til 11:30! The next morning they were back at it on the slip-n-slide. After they left, we took naps and then went out to Grand Haven for the Coast Guard Festival. We didn't get to the carnival. We got food, walked the board walk, went to the beach and played in the water for awhile (which was amazing!!), then got ice cream. We walked back to where we had parked and let the kids play in the park until we got creeped out by all of the 15-20 somethings that were just sitting around in the playarea. Can't trust anyone these days.... The next day we had a pool party for Jordan's aunt and uncle that had come to MI from Iowa. So it was another busy weekend but very enjoyable.

Charlie is my smile-maker! He's always got a smile on his face which puts a smile on mine. He can say 'dada', 'mama', and 'no-no'. He likes to shake his head 'yes' and 'no'. He dances all the time lately when the girls play the piano or when Natalie sings about what she is doing (which is constantly)! Today I was telling Charlie to say 'mama' because he hardly ever does and he kept saying 'dada'. So then I'd tickle him and he was laughing harder than I've ever heard him before. I am just so sure that he knew what he was doing! He can do the sign for 'more' and he tries to say it as well. He gives me hugs everytime I get him from his crib. He loves his daddy and his sisters so much! I'll try to get kisses from him lately but he'll only kiss when he sees Jordan do it first, then he's all about it! In honor of Charlie's first birthday, I gave him his first haircut. He had quite a few fly-aways and especially long hair on the top of his head and at the ears. And now he's lost his baby look!

It has been so amazing to see Charlie grow up in his first year. I wouldn't trade one day of it. Why is it so hard for me to let go? When I think of how Charlie and I would cuddle while he ate, I want to cry because I long to do that again. And when I think of how we could just sit and stare into each others' eyes.... now he has no sit left in him! And the first time I met him.... I would do it all over again. Feeling him do sumersaults in my tummy.... Can you tell I have the 'baby itch' again?! (Don't get your hopes up!!) I just can't believe that God would entrust to ME these three children. That is so humbling! I better stop this sentimentalism now though before I start rambling! I know I've said this all before.

So... Happy First Birthday, Charlie love! You'll always be my little man.

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