Monday, May 16, 2011

first 25k

We did it! We crossed the finish line at 2:38:03, the same time. We held hands as we crossed and raised them in the air so that hopefully we only have to purchase one picture! Our race started at 8:20 and we parked the car at 8:10. We had stopped to get some ponchos and an armband for Jordan's ipod. It made us much later than what we planned for! We ran to the start of the race and got there just in time to hear the horn signaling the beginning of the race. So we got a couple minutes break before we had to run again! We were lucky that the rain held off for us. On our way to the race, it was downpouring. The 5k and 10k racers were drenched and we only had a little drizzle. We maybe could have shaved 10 minutes off of our time if we didn't stop to go to the bathroom 3 times between the 2 of us. But then maybe we wouldn't have been able to run the whole thing. For not training much for the past month, I think we did pretty well. We felt great until the last mile. Jordan's calves both locked up so he couldn't really use them without feeling pain. He was running like Forrest Gump when he's still in his leg braces. Then, just as we saw the finish line, he said he had to throw up. I prayed so hard that we would make it to the finish! And we did! Jordan was leaning on me as soon as we crossed and some medic came to his side right away and led us to a tent full of runners that were laying down or getting massaged. Jordan didn't think that that was quite necessary though. I'm writing this post 2 days after the race and Jordan and I are still sore! We are very happy to be done with the training for it but now we are considering a marathon in the fall. We're this close so I feel like we better just keep going. But for the first week in 9 months and one week, I don't think I'm going to run a single day!

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