Tuesday, May 10, 2011

almost here...

Question: How long (as in weeks/months/years) can a person train on a treadmill for?
Answer: No longer than nine months.

That is how long I have been running now. And less than 10 of those runs have been outside. It's a mental thing, I know, but I CANNOT bring myself to run in my basement, staring at a wall, anymore. I don't know if I suddenly feel this way due to a change in the weather or out of boredom but I cannot will my body to step foot on that thing! And it's been almost impossible for me to get runs in outside because Jordan has been working up north in St. Ignace.

Our run is 4 days away, now. Two and a half weeks ago, Jordan and I completed a 14+ mile run in 2:16 which averages to a 9:45 pace. We're not exactly sure how far we went because both of our NikeFits are slightly off at times and we ran all over downtown Zeeland and can't remember our exact course. We do know that it was at least 14 miles. Either way, it was by far the farthest we've ever run.

After that run, however, we have both been slacking. Right when it seems we're at the top of our game, running gets hard. Not the physical part but the mental and time-consuming part. For me, it has just become enough. Enough of spending my one and only hour of alone time during the day (aka nap time) on the treadmill. Enough of trying to fit-in two showers in one day or holding off until the afternoon to take my first shower of the day. Enough of trying to arrange babysitters just so we can do a long run. I know it's good for me and I've really enjoyed training but I've had enough of prioritizing it. I still want to continue running and I'd love to train for a marathon eventually but there are just too many other things that I need to fit into my day. Jordan seems to have hit a wall as well and he's also had terrible allergies (at least that's what we think it is). He doesn't have much confidence that he'll be able to run it on Saturday.

Our nerves are getting the best of us, now. If you think of us on Saturday morning, lift us up in prayer, will you? Thanks.

P.S: A 25k is 15.5 miles, not 16.1 which is what I stated in the previous entry!

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  1. Lindsey!! I've been meaning to call you. If you made it 14 miles, I think you'll be fine! I was sick a couple weeks before the race last year and did just fine.
    If I don't make it to the race I'll definitely be praying for you!