Saturday, January 1, 2011

christmas 2010

We really enjoyed Christmas this year. I guess we always enjoy Christmas. But it's so fun to see the girls enjoy it and understand it better. We did Christmas chains and an advent calender with them this year which was a lot of fun. Both Natalie and Ruby really seemed to grasp the true meaning of Christmas already. They talked about Jesus' birthday more than they did about Santa and the presents. And, as usual, we were all spoiled with Christmas gifts from our parents. We've had the best week playing with all of the new toys.

We were so paranoid that our kids would get this flu bug that seems to be going around and sure enough, Natalie got sick the Sunday before Christmas and Charlie got sick the Monday after Christmas. It was short-lived but it's sad to see your kids miserable. I've never had a sick infant before. Charlie just laid in my arms and whimpered. I don't know how Ruby didn't get it because she always has her hands in her mouth. Hopefully she won't. And I have to throw this tidbit of info into this post somewhere for my own reference: Charlie has been sleeping through the night for 2 weeks now - yeehaw!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas. We hardly took any because we don't like our camera and these are the best ones we got!

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