Saturday, January 1, 2011

so long, 2010

Another year is over? How can that be possible? This has been another great year. There are definately many highlights but just to name a few... our first family trip to Florida, our great weekend camping at Silver Lake, the birth of our SON, and just enjoying life with each other. God is SO GOOD.

This year, Jordan was laid off a total of 5 weeks (I think) but everytime he was, he got more than enough work through side jobs. Business is getting slower and slower but we never worry anymore because God has proven that He'll be there for us. My massage 'business' has been on the slow side since I've had Charlie but that's ok because I was busy babysitting and sewing bags for extra money. But we're finishing off a room in the basement for my massage business (since Charlie took over the previous massage room) and then I'm hoping that I'll get busy again with it. We have been attending Engedi, our home church, for a year and a half now and we absolutely LOVE IT there. We went there once while looking for a church home and we knew after the first service that we wouldn't need to look any further. Something that has been on my heart lately that came with the Christmas season is to just ENJOY my family. So often, I have this detailed list of what I need to accomplish for the day or week. And I usually do accomplish a lot and I feel good about that but then what about the kids and Jordan? I don't neglect them by any means but they're not always priority. I've decided that it's ok to not get everything done in one day or one week if it's because I've been focusing more on my family. I can't get over how fast my kids are growing and I'll never get those moments back; such a cliche, I know, but it's so true. So that's sort of a resolution, I guess - to play and cuddle more!

Not only has this been a great year, it's been a great decade! Seeing how I've only been alive for two complete decades, I realize that's not saying a whole lot! But this has been my most life-changing decade and I think it forever will be. I started this decade as a kid at the awkward age of 14 in middle school. I had acne, crushes, and homework. I went on to high school, met Jordan, graduated, went to massage school, worked, got married, got pregnant, had the baby, quit working, had another baby, had yet another baby.... Now I'm finishing this decade at 24 as a woman, a wife, a mom. I have dirty diapers, a husband, and a mortgage... and so much more! That's life-changing! I'm sure the decades to come will be just as rewarding but this first decade of the second millenium will forever be precious to me.

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