Sunday, December 12, 2010

my new goal

My 'old' goal was to lose the 32 pounds I gained with Charlie and to lose it by Thanksgiving (4 months). And I did it! But now my new goal is to complete the Fifth-Third Riverbank 25K in May. Jordan and I have just begun training for it! Two years ago we did our first 5k and Jordan has done 3 since then. So we'll see....

Jordan is a good runner and doesn't have to train for long to go far distances (at least that's what I think). We're just hoping he doesn't get knee issues like he has in the past. And I have been running since one week after Charlie was born (so this is about week 17). I think I've averaged about 2 miles a day. I can run 3 miles straight which is something that I've never be able to do (or never pushed myself to do) and I know that I can go further but it's more of a 'time' issue for me. It seems like I usually have to stop because someone wakes up and needs breakfast, or Charlie gets fed up watching me from the floor. I don't know how we're going to each make time to run when it gets up to 5+ miles. I guess we'll have to take turns at night or run when everyone's asleep.

I've been running mostly on the treadmill- I've only run outside a few times when it was still nice out. I ran my personal best yesterday: 3 miles in 28:58. I think my first 5k was 32 something. And I feel GREAT from all this running. My friend Jamie said that if I kept going at it then eventually I would get to the point where I want to run, where I have to run and I'm THERE!!! If I go a day without running, my body is itching to run again. And where time used to kind of drag, it doesn't anymore because I enjoy it so much.

Jordan got me some running clothes and I feel like an 'official' runner now. It motivates me that much more. Also, I've lost 37 pounds since I've had Charlie!! I gained 32 pounds when I was pregnant with him and I lost 12 after I got home with him before I started running. So I owe 25 pounds to running and a little dieting! Maybe I'm just bragging now but I'm proud of myself for setting a goal and making it!! It wasn't easy though because it took about 3 months for me to actually start wanting to run. Otherwise I was forcing myself to 'just do it'. But it was sooo worth it!

Since I've had three kids in a 3 years and 1 month, my stomach is NOT what it used to be. And even after all this hard work for all these weeks, it's still not what it used to be. Anyone who has had 2+ kids knows what I'm talking about... unless you're one of those perfectly skinny girls who I secretely hate (Just kidding...kind of!) Anyways, I've got the 'extra wrinkly skin' going on (tmi maybe?!) but I did a 'before' picture recently and I'll do an 'after' picture when I've completed the 25K and I'll share it at that time! I think this 6 months of training is going to be the final kick to my belly fat! I've come a long way (and I'm kicking myself for not taking a 'before' picture after I had Charlie to compare to now) but I still have some firming up to do!

Whew, I blogged it!! I feel so much more committed now!! Wish me luck!


  1. So you're already at that point of wanting to run?! That's awesome... it took me months to get there :)
    I'm so excited you are doing the 25k!!! (I thought I already commented on this, but apparently not...I apologize if you got this in some other form!) We should definitely try to run together one of these days. Maybe a Saturday?

  2. So glad to see you on your blog again! What an awesome accomplishment! Keep it up!