Tuesday, March 2, 2010

patience, anyone?!

I've heard that you shouldn't ask God to give you patience because He will give you the occasions to practice patience. That being said....

My girls have been making me laugh and rip out my hair all at the same time lately. I have been losing my patience with them lately and I don't know if it's because I'm slightly more irritable since I'm pregnant (I'm only irritable when I'm pregnant :)) or if they are just acting up more. Natalie verbally abuses me and Ruby quietly gets in and destroys everything. You'd never know that this silly little girl can scream her lungs off at me:

And don't be fooled by this innocent face:

Look what she accomplished in 5 seconds right behind my back while I was busy at the stove:
That's RICE all over the kitchen floor! Do you know what a pain it is to try to get every last grain of that swept/vacuumed up?!
Natalie doesn't get into things that she shouldn't too quick and Ruby hasn't been talking back... until today. She said 'no' for the first time and she will do a single scream while staring me down when she is upset with me. It's been quite a week! But then Jordan comes home, and they put on their sweet innocence and he can't understand what I'm talking about!

ahh, but I love them! I'm trying to remind myself while in the chaos, to enjoy it and find humor in it. They are growing so fast and I am going to miss even these bad days.

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