Monday, January 5, 2009

Parties and Pottys

This holiday season, we had so many parties to attend. From December 24th to the 28th, we had a party every night. Natalie loved it but we're trying to get her back on her old routine which isn't easy. She was awesome and kept a pretty good attitude. She got so many new toys and really enjoyed herself this year. I think she got 4 new 'babies' alone! Her grandmas sure know how to spoil her! Ruby was just as lucky...or should I say her parents were lucky to have gotten a new wardrobe for her!

Jordan and I got Natalie a potty seat and are hopeful that she'll want to use such luck yet. She just likes to sit on it. Today, I heard her screaming in the bathroom and she had one leg in the toilet!! Sitting next to the toilet was her potty seat that she had gotten out. I'm just glad her head wasn't in the toilet. I should have gotten a picture but she was pretty upset. She can open the lid on the toilet and she can open the bathroom door so I'm really going to have to keep an eye on her. Maybe the potty seat wasn't such a good idea :)

So here are some pictures of the parties and the potty!!

Natalie and Briella doing the splits, and Ruby...sleeping, of course!

The Barkel Grandkids

Our New Year's Eve Party

...and the potty seat. Has anyone ever looked so cute while on the toilet?!


  1. What is with these pictures? Are you trying to keep pace with India or something?

  2. What cuties you have!!!! We have to get the kids together soon - Jackson has no idea what "baby dolls" are:) Are you doing massages yet?

  3. Lindsey your girls are sooo cute! Good luck with the potty training :)

  4. haha yes I am still a republican....just a little less of a fan of Bush than I used to be :)