Thursday, January 29, 2009

Already 3 months

Ruby is 3 months old today and there's so many differences in who Ruby is versus who Natalie was. At this age, Natalie wasn't as smiley, didn't laugh as easily, pretty relaxed, and not quite as chunky. Ruby is fat and smiley, but slightly more fussy. Natalie and I were together for the first 3 months without one of us leaving the other one (pathetic, I know) whereas I got groceries 2 weeks after Ruby was born by myself...which I felt slightly guilty about. I babied Natalie more. When she would fall asleep while eating, I'd gently put her to bed without waking her up. Ruby eats and I make sure that she is awake when I lay her down. It was much easier to let Ruby cry it out for a while but it killed me to let Natalie cry for longer than a minute. And each of my girls have their quirks at this age...Natalie always played with her tongue, and Ruby always has her arms stretched out behind her with her palms facing back! It's the cutest thing!!

I can't get enough of the details that make Natalie and Ruby so unique. There are so many everyday things that go unnoticed that amaze me when I finally take time to notice them. I was inspired to write this post just for the fact that it's these minor details that I never want to forget. I wish that I had started to blog sooner than when I had. Natalie was 4 months old and there's so much that I didn't write down about her. Blogging is my online journaling and I feel like if I don't add the details, I'm going to forget them. I cannot believe that I have a toddler and a baby! And even though I can't believe I co-created :) two little people, I still take the minor details for granted. I was starring at Ruby before I got online to write this and I just fell in love with her all over again. I was noticing her fingernails, no different than mine really - just tiny. And her little dimpled hands. And when she's cuddled up in my arms, she has chest cleavege and back cleavege (sp?)!! As I studied her, it was almost like I was seeing her for the first time. I know that sounds so cliche but I don't take as much time to just quietly be with Ruby. Life's a lot busier with the second child.

But anywho, Happy 3 Month Birthday, Ruby! Your little smiles and laughter have brought more joy in these 3 months than you will ever know ;)

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