Saturday, January 31, 2009

In the tub!

So I was giving Natalie a bath this morning and I saw a little green blob floating. I wasn't sure but I thought, "yuck, it's mold from her squirty bath toys!" (which I am constantly cleaning and soaking in bleach because I'd hate for that to happen). I scooped it out and dumped it, washed my hands, turned around and there went my gag reflex.... It had been poop and there was more where that came from! Natalie took her first poopy in the bathtub. It was disgusting. And it wasn't just a floating terd, it resembled pea soup (which coincidentally is what we had for dinner the night before). Needless, to say, I cleaned it up and then cleaned Natalie up in the shower. She just kept saying "uh-oh" and "uck". Many times, Natalie will tell me that she is pooping but never lets me know beforehand. But this morning, I think she even surprised herself. We haven't gotten anywhere with the potty yet. She sits on it a couple times a day but hasn't done anything in it yet. And that's ok since she's not even 2 yet. But I am more anxious than ever to have her at least poop on the toilet. I never want to clean up a mess in the tub again!!

Sorry, no pictures :)

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  1. Yuck! Isn't it amazing what we do as mothers???? Jackson pooped in the tub when he was 6 months or so and I will never forget how grossed out I was!