Monday, December 14, 2015

engedi turns ten

Seven years ago, we started looking for a church that we wanted to raise our young family in.  A church with a contagious passion for Christ that we could grow in!  Where we would be fed, led, and cared for.  Where we could be connected.  That was the main criteria.  And thank God, it didn't take much searching!  We found Engedi!  The first service we attended brought tears to our eyes and we never looked anywhere else. Week after week, we were moved, convicted, changed!  We would discuss the teaching throughout the rest of the week.  We actually remembered what the sermons were about.  And we were part of an amazing worship experience!  It was a spiritual revival for us each and every week!  We quickly got connected.  And more and more people discovered this small church.  

The church has since swelled!  It is now in a large building and planning for church plantings.  We have been honored to be a part of it. When you're in a church where most Sundays there is a prayer time carved out for unbelievers to make a first time commitment to Jesus, and it happens even just for one person (although more than often multiple people!) you are blessed!  I get chills each time as the Holy Spirit moves through the church!  He is present!

The church values missions, people, worship, and 'advancing the kingdom revolution of Jesus worldwide', to name a few.  And they accomplish much through the Holy Spirit because there are so many people that pour their heart and soul into each other and the missions!  The people!  I love the people here!  The relationships that have come from this church family have been divine.  So many wonderful, influential men and women, staff, children...!  We love it here!

And Engedi knows how to party!  The church had been putting money away for a big 10th 'birthday' party.  We attended the free concert by Gungor (my favorite!) which was phenomenal!  And we joined in praising God for all of the blessings He has poured on Engedi.  

Happy 10th, Engedi!  

Only at Engedi....

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