Sunday, November 29, 2015

chicago overnighter

Our family friend, Kelsi, and her new husband Phil, offered to watch our kids for us over a weekend just because they love them so much!  They are one of those amazing couples who truly invest in our children!  Of course we were fine with that!  So we set up an overnighter in Chicago and Schaumburg! We invited Justin and Mindy along, too!  We hung out in downtown Chicago for the day and evening.  We hit up the German Christmas Market too.  It was so full of ambiance and was a great way to start off the holiday season!

We tried some of the famous mulled wine but the boys about spat it out!  Everyone raved about it but none of us cared for it!

We went to Ikea the next day and the mall.  Justin and Mindy left for home but we went back to Ikea after having been inspired by a dining bench in the Arhaus store.  We had already ate breakfast and lunch with the Koerts in Ikea and then Jordan and I dined yet again there!  Who goes to a big city full of amazing dining experiences and eats in a food court three times?!  The el-cheapo do!
Chicago got a snowstorm while we were there and of course, it took us awhile to get home.  The kids had an amazing time with Phil and Kelsi, building forts, eating ice cream, going for dinner, and playing together!  

We are surrounded by such amazing people!  

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