Saturday, August 1, 2015

charlie is FIVE

I can't believe my little guy is FIVE!  And yet, he's grown up so much this summer!  He's the little ring-leader of the neighbor hood boys.  He's the leader of the pack!  Charlie is a sweetheart to his baby sister and a nuisance to his older sisters!  But not all of the time!  They actually get along more often than not.  The girls love to take him under their wing when they have the upper-hand, like when playing school.  But he's cool about it!

Charlie got a new bike this year.  And it's awesome!  A higher quality bike than mine or the girls!  And he tears up the street with it.  He keeps up on our 3-4 mile bike rides.  He's a strong kid!  Jordan was in the process of building a Ninja Warrior Course and Charlie climbed up the 12ft rope like it was nothing!  He flexes his tummy for us and we can see a 6-pack!  He does push-ups for fun!  He takes pride in his strength!  He's also good in the kitchen!  He loves to help me chop... probably so he can use a knife.  But he's very good at it.  We've made salsa and chopped for more than an hour and he's actually very helpful!

There is a cute girl down the road that is Charlie's age and they're friends.  Usually this girl and her sister play by our house but for a few days in a row, Charlie was leading his friends down the road to Gabrie's house.  He'd come back and talk about the fish he was catching (he sometimes had his cheapy fishing pole along) and I would pretty much just say, 'Oh how fun' without asking any other questions.  But then one day he's telling me that he caught the biggest fish yet but that Gabrie's dad told him that that was enough fishing in their pond... uh, what?!  Yes, he was catching fish from their backyard pond!

Charlie was playing with Natalie and Ruby one day and after something was botched up he said, teasingly, 'Look what you did, you little jerk!'  From 'Home Alone.'  We all died laughing!  They haven't watched that movie since Christmas!  He's got a great sense of humor!

We've been counting down to Charlie's birthday and he was up bright and early on the day of!  We cuddled on the couch together for a while but then I told him he had to get back in bed until the girls woke up too.  I told him to pretend he was sleeping.  So he went back to his bed and I got the girls up.  They quietly went to the kitchen and made pancakes for him.  They had asked me to wake them up early, before Charlie for once, so that they could bring him breakfast in bed.  And that's just what we did.  So we went back to his room.  And we started to sing to him.  He did a perfect job of acting like he was just waking up and he never breathed a word to the girls about having a clue that they'd be doing something special.  He helped with making cake and cupcakes and was excited about having a pirate theme.  He played with neighbor friends off and on all day and we had a party with friends and family that night.  We wrapped up the night with fire-flies and legos.  His most favorite gift, he said, was a jar of pennies from Grandpa and Grandma Jones.  It was something he asked Grandpa about all the time when we go to their house.  So that was so special to him!!!

What a special young boy we have!  He steals my heart all over again every single day!  He's sweet and gentle and caring.  He loves Jesus and loves to learn about Jesus!  His passion for Him is evident and I love that about him!  He's a great brother and an amazing son!  I adore these times when he'll still cuddle with me each morning on the couch and when he asks me to gently scratch his back!  The way he gently brushes his hair back from his face!  I adore this kiddo!!  And we've been so blessed by these five years with Charlie!

His favorite joke from our friend Justin: 'What's a pirate's favorite letter?'  Most would say 'Rrrr'.  But the answer is then (the way the joke goes), 'No, the C (Sea)!'  But Charlie kept saying, 'No, the letter C!'  I liked his version best!

Yes... that hair!!!

We love you Charlie Tyler Barkel!

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