Thursday, July 16, 2015

the boat

So far: $1200 has bought us a lot of fun!

The first time out with the kids!

 Tubing: Natalie and Charlie tried it out first!  We forgot to go over what the hand signals meant.  So I was trying to figure out if it was going ok for Natalie and Charlie.  I would do a thumbs up and got no response so I did a 'perfect' signal and Natalie would do it back.  But come to find out that when she was doing 'perfect' back, she was actually using her fingers to say slower.  Her and Charlie were crying by the end of their ride.... and we were going very slowly!  Natalie agreed to go next with Emmy since she was about jumping overboard with excitement.  That went slightly better except for Jordan was going slower yet!  We'll see about this!

 The kids have fun hanging out at Pottowatomie Bayou.  They swim, play at the park, try to catch ducks, and tramp through the muck and seaweed to find turtles without batting an eye!

Jordan enjoys spiffying the boat up.  He's replaced the middle seats and has temporarily wrapped some torn seats in the back.  It's old, it needs work on the interior.  But we couldn't be happier!

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