Monday, July 13, 2015

camping with friends

Camping with friends at Hoffmaster State Park: So much fun!!  The Grassmid, Johnson, Nagelkirk families... we love these people!  From Thursday night through Sunday we had absolutely gorgeous weather!  Our campsite was alongside a beautiful crick that the kids and Koda played in. At the beach, we set up next to the creek where we lounged all day.  We ran up and down the dunes, used the stand-up paddle boards, and played field games with all of the kids.  One night, us girls went for a trail run.  We needed to cross the creek to get to the beach gear that needed to be brought back to camp.  We didn't want to take our shoes off and wade through.  BUT, there was a large log bridging the creek that we thought we could cross (for the sake of keeping our shoes on!)  We were all a bit shaky and immediately decided to each try it barefoot for stability!  We were determined to cross and we did it!  We put our shoes back on and got to our stuff!  Success!  Great, great times!  First time camping again in years and it was a blast!

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