Sunday, June 14, 2015

emmy ellamae

I've heard that it happens and now it has!  I looked over the blog to see that last time I had written just about Emmy.  And it was when she had turned two.  Now she is two and a half!  Granted, I haven't specifically written on the other kids either but I know I posted about them more often than this.  So Emmy, if and when you read this (and realize this!), I am sorry!  You demand my attention a lot these days and so do your siblings!  It is so hard to make time to blog right now.  But it's very important to me.  So this post is to catch us up on who our little Emmy Ellamae is at this age....

Emmy has attitude right now, of course.  It's good and bad.  There are times when she is such a sweetie, rubbing someone's back and asking if they're ok.  Or being a sweet little mommy.  She'll hold my head and pull it to her sweet little lips and kiss me and cuddle me like I'm the child!  Oh I love that!  And then out of nowhere comes the bad attitude.  Throwing herself onto the floor, arching her back, contorting her face into a look of anger.  But as terrible as those times are, she can actually be talked out of it.  She's had time outs which work well and a few spankings of course, which actually isn't as necessary as it used to be.

She just went through a phase of only wanting to be loving with Jordan on HER terms.  Which for a while, wasn't very often.  She would hold her hand out to him and say, 'Don't look at me'.  Finally, we started to discipline her when she'd do this (instead of just telling her, 'no') and that's what broke her!

She loves our babysitter, Molly!  After we got home from Florida and saw Molly again, we were outside and looking into the sunset and as Molly walked toward us, she scrunched up her little mouth and nose and said, 'Is that Molly?'  For some reason, Molly and I got such a kick out of this!

She's so beautiful and sweet and 'picy' (spicy, as she says) and noisy and squeezable and kissable and wild and carefree!  She scrunches up her face when she talks, I think it's her way of being expressive and mimicking our expressions.  It's so cute: the little dents her eyebrows make when she uses them, her sweet mouth that jabbers away, and she uses her hands and little fingers in communicating.  She's so cute, I can hardly stand it!

Emmy sings (mostly 'Let It Go' from Frozen and very well), she dances, she's always on the move, she loves to jump on the tramp, she plays with babies, she acts like she's a kitty or puppy, and she's a big talker!

In February, we potty trained!!  By this point she had been pooping on the toilet for at least 6 months.  Potty training really didn't take much time for her.  We had been using cloth diapers occasionally for a few months and I think that made the transition easier for both of us.

In March, she was moved out of Charlie's bedroom where she slept in a crib, to a new 'big girl bed' that was moved into Natalie and Ruby's bedroom.  We never had any issues with her in the big girl bed.  She stayed put during the night (for the most part) and at naptimes.  Lately she's been getting up a few times during the night each week but I think it's due to allergies.

She isn't my baby anymore :(  She's getting closer to three and further away from two.  And it saddens me that the time just flies around here but at the same time, I had forgotten how much I love this age!  She's still cuddly and squishy and needy but she is starting to really understand how things work, what we're saying, she's able to express herself, she's able to play with her siblings more (when they're patient enough).  It is just a fun, challenging, rewarding, stressful, sweet stage!

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