Friday, June 26, 2015

eight is going to be great!!

We celebrated Natalie turning 8 this week!  EIGHT!!  She is halfway to 16!  Now that's just scary!  She is our hilarious, fun-loving, deeply caring, Christ-centered Natalie Jane! Couldn't possibly love her more!

On the day of her birthday, she chose to go to Red Robin and then we let her pick out half of her birthday present.  She chose a purse and some friendship bracelet threads.  She thought that was abnormally 'girly' of her which was what we thought too!

And then the parties: we had one with family the next night and a friends party the next day.  Family party pics:

And the Friend Partay:

The girls did their nails, put on makeup, dressed up for a photo booth, danced, had cake, jumped on the tramp in the rain and zoomed down the slip and slide in a complete downpour!  They cuddled up together for a movie and popcorn, and were all extremely silly!  What a great group of girls!  And in Natalie's shining moment, she sang and danced wildly to the song 'Brave' in her horrendous get-up!  She was crazy and unashamed and hilarious and I was so proud!  She chased a friend to dance with her and got the others to dance!  She's not the leader type but neither is she a follower.  And that's exactly what I'd wish for her!  She's Brave!

We were all partied out after that but we'll celebrate the gift of Natalie every single day!!  We love her so much!  

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