Monday, June 30, 2014

june 2014

The kids have definitely been enjoying their summer!  We've done a lot and yet there have been many days that we have done nothing at all :)  The days are long; the kids wake up between 7:30 and 8:30 (which means I get some amazing alone time each morning!) and the neighborhood seems to wake up around 9:30 or 10.  And that means that either the kids are gone until lunch time or the entire neighborhood is in our yard all morning.  They seem to bounce around.  This has been the best year yet with some new neighbor kids, Jacob & Levi  ('the boys' is how we refer to them!) and Cadence & Gage (Charlie's 'brother'!).  Charlie and Gage are the same age and are always together.  They take little bike rides between each other's houses like little old men.  They're both so mellow and easy going!

Our first week off from school, Natalie had track camp.  She did really well at everything and it was actually a little too easy for her but still a good experience and she learned some new things.  A chilly start to summer break though.

The second week off, the kids attended VBS at Borculo CRC.  They had an absolute blast!  It was Charlie's first 'school' experience and he thought it was a pretty big deal!  They sang really well at the Sunday program.  I love it when my kids wholeheartedly participate because I remember that I didn't like to draw attention to myself when I was their age.  But by my lack of participation, I actually drew more attention!

We celebrated Father's Day as well. We have so much to be thankful for.  Jordan is just the best!  What other dad goes through the trouble to make his family (and the neighbor kids!) Harry Potter's Butterbeer?  I love that Jordan is still a big kid himself.  He reads Harry Potter with the kids at bedtime, he shares the remote and watches cartoons - our family's favorite cartoon is 'My Little Pony', Jordan's and mine included!  Jordan is what you would call a 'brony' (a male fan of 'My Little Pony'); Rainbow Dash and Pinky Pie are his favorites :)  He plays and cuddles and spoils and disciplines and hugs and loves our children and I am so thankful for him!!

Charlie learned to ride a bike without training wheels this month!  And he's put on 100 miles since.  Ok, maybe not that much but he does 3 and 4 mile bike rides with the family, no sweat.  That boy is strong.  He has abs of steel, a 6-pack like none other!  He's been riding his balance bike down our hill for a long time so it only took a few minutes with his training wheels off and he was all over the place.  He was so proud and all of the neighbor kids were cheering for him.  Gage also learned to ride without so it's the cutest thing seeing these little boys pedaling as fast as they can!  Jordan found a dirt bike (or roller scooter as Charlie calls all motorcycles!) and though it's a little big for Charlie, he rides it because he knows he's the envy of all of his peers!

And to wrap up June, Natalie turned 7!!  Whoa!  She seems to get taller everyday!  And more mature!  She still loves to act like an animal occasionally!  She still loves Merida from Brave (which is what her birthday party theme was).  She loves her cousins (Briella is her best friend and she loves it when we have Anna from White Hall stay with us) and she has many neighborhood friends.  She loves to be with me during the day and do whatever I'm doing.  Which usually means that we're in the garden together or the kitchen.  I am going to miss that when summer in through.  Natalie has such a heart for others.  I'm thankful for her everyday!

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