Sunday, August 3, 2014

chicago with the fam

Chicago in the summertime.  It calls to us!  Plus we had an errand to run so we packed up the family and we were on our way.  We had to pick up a large load from Ikea for a client.  We checked the kids into the Ikea playroom and had one hour to grab and load what we needed before having to pick them up again.  And then we were off to the city.  The weather was just perfect!!  We stopped at the Lincoln Park Zoo again after having been there with the family this winter.  We parked and walked downtown and strolled over to Billy Goat's Tavern.  Good times!  We continued to walk and shop and since it was so gorgeous and the kids were angels, we decided to stay as long as they were having a good time.  We ended up by the river at the end of the night and finally at 11:15 pm, we decided it was time to go.  The kids, minus Natalie, we asleep almost instantly but our eldest had to pee.  About half an hour later we found an exit outside of traffic where we could pull over and let her go.  Jordan had taken an energy shot and talked us all the way home.  Usually, that is ideal, but I was so tired!  I just remember he kept saying in between his jabbering that he didn't know if the shot was working.  It was!  Such a great time!

 We couldn't find a sitter but needed to get to Ikea for a client, so we brought the fam with and tucked the boxes around them.  It was a really tight fit.  Kudos to Odysseys!!

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