Sunday, September 22, 2013


We had a big weekend!

Friday started out with a field trip to Cranes Orchard with Ruby's class.  I love going to school with my kids!  We picked some extra apples while we were there and Ruby was so proud of the apples she picked.  I think one of her primary love languages (at this time) is in gifts.  She just treasures things!  Her nightstand is just full of little items that each have a special meaning behind them.  So when we got home, she got a big glass container from the pantry, polished her apples, and neatly stacked them into the jar and made room for it on her nightstand!

That night, we went to downtown Holland. Natalie participated in the Live Mannequin event taking place... her second year to do so.  Last year she was a Joker (the theme being 'card games') and this year she was a mouse turning into a coachman for the Cinderella story (the theme being 'books').  What a blast!  She loves to act, mostly as an animal but even when she's replaying a movie.  She is very detailed and animated!

Saturday morning, we had Natalie's second soccer game.  We didn't know how this was going to go!!  She was all geared up and ready to start playing when they checked the girls' ears for earrings that would need to come out!  NO!  Natalie does not like her earrings to be changed.  There is always one ear that gives us trouble.  So of all things, she starts panicking over it.  Jordan's mom quickly stepped in and got them out (once again, the game was waiting on Natalie!!).  And she got out there and played!  She went after that ball and did great the entire game!!!  I think the other parents were even cheering her on!  We were so relieved and excited!

Saturday night, Heidi, Crystal, and I crafted!  Such a great time!  I always have an agenda, it seems.  I grabbed some stuff before heading over there and it was delightful to sit and chat and craft!  I started making a garland for some autumn decor, and then moved onto a headband for Emmy.  I need to schedule craft nights in more often!

And today, Sunday, we attended our very last service in the 'old' Engedi Church building.  I love this church of ours!  I look forward to worshiping there and coming back home with something to think about that carries me through the week.  There are so many amazing women that I have met through this church.  Many have become great friends.  In the afternoon, we helped transfer stuff to 'Newgedi'.  And my prayer is that God would fill that space with His grace and goodness, that it would be a lighthouse in the dark, and create even more stories of hope.  That it would 'advance the kingdom revolution of Jesus worldwide.'  So blessed to be a part of such a loving community.

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