Tuesday, September 3, 2013

back to school

A bittersweet time for me.  Natalie is a first grader and Ruby is in Young 5s.  They are both ready and anxious but I am going to miss them like crazy.  There have been a few moments of chaos with the kids that I have caught myself getting eager for this day but as soon as I think it, I take it back.  They're so young yet!  Thankfully, Ruby is only gone for the afternoon but she still has to ride the bus.  She's only FOUR, though!  Where did the time go?!  I've been very weepy this past week.  And yet it is such a riot for us, too!  The girls have been counting down the days, they are just so excited.  The girls and I had a great time shopping for school clothes and supplies one afternoon (now I understand how much fun my mom used to have when we'd do this!) and they have been double-checking that they have everything packed in their backpacks for the day.  Jordan and I rode the bus with Ruby since she will be taking it home everyday.  She loved it and loved meeting her teacher.  She is so ready.  Natalie loved her teacher as well and the structure of the school year is going to be great for all of us.  Natalie has started up soccer practice as well.  This is all so new to us!  But such a blast. 

The girls each had a great day, they told us.  Natalie was up bright and early and got on the bus like a pro this morning.  She was excited to see some former classmates in her new class and loved her teacher.  I held Charlie close on the walk back to our house and he assured me that he won't grow up as fast!  I gave Ruby two options of what she could wear for the day and when she came out of her room, she had put them both on... sleeveless shirt with a skirt over and under a smock and sparkle leggings!  When I dropped her off at school, she slipped into the classroom behind the teacher and went directly to the whiteboard we had drawn on at the orientation and she got to work!  Charlie played hard all afternoon with the neighbor girls just as he and his sisters have done all summer.  I think he really enjoyed not having his sisters around!!  Ruby squeezed me tight when she got off the bus and I learned that her and Natalie had sat together along with their good friend/babysitter, Molly.  Natalie locked me out of the house while Ruby was squeezing me... our of love, of course :)  So glad that this first day went smoothly and hoping that there's not as rough of a transition as there was last year with exhaustion induced attitude!

Jordan especially loves the 'back to school' scene since he was home-schooled.  He is very impressed with the school and I am too.  I just love our city!!  And even though I'm sad to let them go, it is equally as exciting to watch them learn and grow.  We are so priveledged to live in this country where we can receive an education and so blessed that our kids are healthy and have grown up to this school-age.  So proud of my girls!!

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