Monday, June 3, 2013

the first decade

With very few words, I'm going to try to capture what the last decade has been for me.

First date with the last man I will forever date.

a kiss. an 'i love you'. a promise ring. a dream. an occasional arguement. a house. a proposal. a ring. a wedding.  a honeymoon. a dog. gary. faith and flea markets. a misunderstanding. a new family. a pregnancy test. it's positive. an adjustment. baby natalie jane. stay at home mom. a whole new world. chicago getaways. a new truck. no sleep. music. massage therapy. inside jokes. a second honeymoon. the carribbean. baby ruby louise. diapers. the beach. more dreams. laundry. home improvement. a race. florida. a bike ride. a third honeymoon. vegas. a third baby. miscarriage. early mornings. a new church. birthday parties. great friends. kiddie pools and power wheels. baby charlie tyler. garage sales. tent camping. a scraped knee. a fight. a kiss-and-makeup. guatemala. dirty dishes. photos. a fifth baby. miscarriage. dancing in the kitchen. smiles. a new job. prayers. another positive pregnancy test. a new car. a road trip. kentucky. baby emmy ellamae. holidays. a seventh anniversary. a fourth honeymoon. grand caymen. campfires. deep love. best friend. dreams are the reality.

A decade of dates, routine, bliss, blessings.

Us. in deep forever love.

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