Saturday, June 1, 2013

memorial weekend

We made our way up to Silver Lake on Saturday for our 10th annual camping trip... although we didn't stay over-night.  The sun shined all day but it was so cold at the campsite.  The kids just wanted to hang out in the van.  We were bundled up in a couple sweatshirts but Ruby refused to wear pants instead of her dress so she had bare legs all day.  But we did manage to climb a dune with the kids, Emmy included, and we watched the trucks while the kids rolled down the dunes.  We were at the camp most of the day chatting and reminiscing good times with our friends. We had dinner and before going home, we had to go race on the go-carts.  It is our tradition.  Although instead of leaving the kiddos behind with some trusted adults, we took them with.  And it was the highlight of their day!  So fun!  We're so grateful for this group of friends.  It's so weird to think that our group has done this for 10 years.  And Jordan has been going for more years than that!  I'm starting to feel pretty old :(

On Sunday, we slept in as long as we could, waking up with ALL FOUR KIDS in our queen-size bed!  And then we took off for the flea market.  It's so fun to see our girls get interested in the flea market, too.  Ruby just loves to shop and I love to hear what she thinks of everything.  They had their money with them and searched for that perfect something that they couldn't live without.  Along the way, Natalie found a bottle with a cork that she thought would be fun to put a letter in and send into the water and a tiny orange lightbulb!  Ruby was so sad that there wasn't another orange lightbulb for her.  She would scurry up to every jewelry display and beg me for the biggest golden ring each time... but she never had enough money for those.  We finally found a sweet little necklace with a butterfly.  And it is so special to her.  Natalie also found some cute turquoise mushroom earrings, and she loves mushrooms so she bought those, too!  Charlie actually fell asleep and Emmy slept for awhile too.  We met up with mom and dad and they were so helpful.  This was Emmy's first flea market and it did make things slightly more complicated than when we'd go with the three kids.  We enjoyed the rest of the day lounging around together at home.  Delightful!!

Monday, Memorial Day, was very low-key.  We got some things done around the house and enjoyed dinner from mom and dad Barkel.  And now as I am writing this, I am cuddled up on the couch next to my man (:

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