Saturday, March 9, 2013

all in a day

March 9, 2013... this was our day:
 The snow is melting!!!!  (Ok...actually this was not from today but a couple of days ago.  The girls did ride their bikes for just a short time today, though!  I just had to squeeze this one of my fashionista, Ruby, in!)
 This little darlin' is 4 months old today!

The day called for a 5 minute photo shoot!

 Emmy and her Elephant


 Natalie wanted to make Emmy a little blanket for her 4 month birthday. 
She cut out a heart...
 pinned it to the 'blanket'...
 sewed it on...
and 'Voila!'  We were both pretty proud (:

And it was a lovely day! 

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  1. love this Lindsey! Your kiddos are darling