Monday, November 14, 2011

ruby's three

First of all, I just have to say that I am going a little out of order here in the next few blog posts. That drives me crazy. I don't do this blogging for anyone's enjoyment (although I know people appreciate the posts) but I blog for the memories. One day, these 'cyber pages' will be made into a little keepsake book for our family. I'm going out of order though because there is a Guatemala post coming up that'll probably be pretty lengthy and it's already a month overdo. So I thought I'd at least get some of these little posts out of the way!

So this post, as you may have guessed, is about Ruby turning 3. Ruby continues to be our free-spirited little girl. She still loves to play mostly dress-up and with her babies as she also loves to be motherly. Ruby is just so fun! She's always got a smile on her face and in her eyes, even when she's trying to be tough. We've been doing our own little 'school' occasionally when Natalie is at school and I must say that I've seen some improvement in her knowledge! Ruby is so full of life and attitude and I have a feeling that she is going to be that stereotypical middle child who gives their parents a run for their money. I think she's out of the 'terrible twos'. Yay! We primarily had to deal with her yelling at us and verbally abusing us (no biggie!) but I think we've gotten that under control now or maybe I should say 'for now'.

We had a birthday party with the whole family on the Sunday following her birthday. She got loads of new toys that she has played with everyday since and a new dress that, in the first week of recieving it, she wore 4 times. I believe that dress was actually her favorite gift! Ruby is always putting on make-up, dressing up, and doing her hair. It's all cute during the day until before bedtime when there are a bazillion different outfits all over the floor! On her birthday, I had her in a cute little dress and before the party, she insisted that I let her do her own hair. She put some random bows and barrettes in... looked kind of tacky but it's her party, right?! So seconds before the first of the family members show up, Ruby comes out with her ballerina outfit on with her pretty dress bunched up underneath! She was quite a sight! But she can see the beauty in anything so we let her keep it on. And she is actually quite the fashionista. She puts a lot of thought into what she wears and sometimes, her style is impressive. Just not on this birthday. Anyways, we had a great weekend celebrating Ruby's birthday and we are so grateful to God for our precious and exuberant Ruby!

This first picture is, to my knowledge, an original creation of hers that has yet to hit the runway.

And this is her in all of her third-birthday-party-glory.

This was what she transformed into by the end of the party.

Ruby: identified as a precious gem that is warm and fiery, absolutely undiluted, vivacious, passionate, and powerful.


That. is. Ruby.

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