Monday, November 14, 2011

monstar dash

Jeremy and Crystal, Jordan and me and the girls went to Chicago on the Saturday before Halloween (which happened to be Ruby's birthday as well) to cheer on the guys as they ran in the Monster Dash. They completed a half marathon- their first! Jordan had been having knee issues beforehand and he was in pain after the first mile already. But he completed the race. (Now, three weeks later, he is still in pain and we're hoping there wasn't permanent damage done). We could tell Jordan was in pain as he crossed the finish line. Both of his legs were locked up. We had brought along his massage therapist for such an event and she was able to temporarily relieve the pain with the help of Natalie and Ruby as well (that's me trying to tell a joke).

We spent the rest of the day downtown shopping. Both of the girls took some of their money from home and each of them bought a necklace. There were many different charms on chains for them to pick from. In the end, Natalie decided on a flip-flop with crystals and Ruby decided on a stilleto high heel with crystals. She calls it her slipper bracelet. It was a gorgeous fall day and the girls had a great time. Ruby took an awesome 2+ hour nap. We had left home at 6am and didn't leave the city until 6pm. The girls cried for about 15 minutes on our walk back to the car but other than that, they were amazing!

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