Friday, July 2, 2010

my 3 year old

I don't know how it can even be possible that I have a 3 year old!! I love this little girl so much more than I ever thought possible. Three years ago, I thought that I loved her as much as I ever could... but my love for her grows everyday! Natalie has got such a fun-loving personality. She's such a tease! And yet, she can be so shy around others sometimes! It's such a difference from what she's like with just family! I can't believe how much I've seen her grow and mature in the last year. And she has such a love for Jesus already and it warms my heart! She is very sensitive and cares deeply for others. I love to see her grow into all these new stages of childhood. I just want to take in every detail of her all the time and remember everything, she grows and changes so fast! Well, I better end this 'sappiness' now before I lose your attention! Here are pics from her party:hmmm, a nervous habit? While we were singing to her, she decided to 'eat' her toes!

Ruby loved the birthday cupcakes:

Happy Third Birthday, Natalie Jane! I love YOU more ;)

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