Friday, July 2, 2010

best $40 ever spent!

Powerwheels Barbie Jeep: $10
Battery for Powerwheels Barbie Jeep: $30
Powerwheels Quad (with missing seat and battery): free
Hours of family entertainment: Priceless!!

I found a two seater, Powerwheels Barbie jeep at a garage sale for $10... no battery or charger but I picked it up for Natalie's birthday present! We ordered a $30 battery online and it became the best present ever! And for those things being $200 retail, we're thrilled at our frugality! And, ok this is sorta embarrassing... we also had a quad sitting in our shed from when we went to FL. We saw this Powerwheels quad that had no seat and no battery in someone's TRASH! Can you believe someone would throw that out just because it didn't work?! Well, we picked it up and crammed it into our van and now 3 months later, we can use our $30 battery in that too! Oh yeah!! The girls LOVE those things and it is hilarious to watch them ride around! Here are some pics:

fixing the radio (I had to take this picture because they're working together and not fighting!) 'Thumbs Up!' Notice Ruby's right hand. See those two little fingers crossed... that is her version of thumbs up!

I will have videos to follow.

If you happen to drive on our road, don't be surprised... if you see Jordan driving the quad and the girls screaming because he won't share; if you see the girls pulling the cozy coupe (via hitch and leash) with Jordan sitting on top; or if you see the girls making a beeline to the Soft Spot while Jordan runs after them trying to get them to stop!

I will have videos to follow!

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