Saturday, June 27, 2009


This past Tuesday was Natalie's 2nd birthday and we've been busy all week. I have such mixed emotions: on the one end, I'm freaked out about how fast she's growing up. It seems like just yesterday we brought Natalie home from the hospital (such a cliche, I know!) I'm sappy if you haven't learned that about me yet so I could get kind of sad thinking about it. But on the other hand, I think of those who have lost little ones and I'm more grateful than even that she's growing up and experiencing life. So that's what I've just gotta remind myself of everytime I find myself wishing I could experience it all again.

Anywho, back to Natalie and her birthday. We've basically been celebrating it all week (we so spoil her :) She's been talking about 'NayNay's bird-ay' for a while because she had to wait so patiently to get through her cousins', Briella, Taylor, and Hailee, birthdays. So by the time hers came around, I think she understood that birthdays involve cake, presents, and parties. On her birthday, we went to aunt Jess' for lunch with aunt Sarah and Grandma. She played with her cousins and had a pretty exhausting day. Jordan told her in the morning that she was two and not one anymore and most times, she has remembered that when we ask her. The next night, we got together with my side of the family for cake and presents. She wasn't too sure about all the attention.... You just never know if she's going to be a show-off or shy. But she loved the cake and her presents. We got her a princess vacuum that's a canister style so that now she'll leave me alone when I'm trying to vacuum. On Saturday night, we got together with Jordan's side to celebrate a belated Father's Day and Natalie got more presents again. I think she loves parties more than presents actually. It was a great birthday (week!).

Natalie can be feisty (sp?) then sweet, hyper then shy, talkative then whiney... she's always keeping us on our feet! Natalie's been in a big girl bed for about a week and a half now and has only fell out twice (it's only set at about a 10in drop!). She's climbed into bed with us quite often but we just put her back in hers and she's fine (thank goodness- thought we were heading towards a bad habit.) She's also starting to say 'love you' more often and without us pushing her to say it! She's gone '#2' on the toilet probably 90% of the time, this week, and we don't even bribe her with candy anymore. She hates to be in a dirty diaper but it's hard to get her to go #1 on the toilet so wish us luck with trying to accomplish that!

We are just so in love with her.... and everything about her. I heard on the radio this week something about how no matter what we do or don't do... no matter WHAT, God's love is unchanging. He will never love us any less or anymore than He always has. Nothing we do will ever be able to separate us from God's love. I've always known this but it really hits home having children of my own. My love for them will never be conditional, either. How could it ever be? They are such a gift from God and no matter what, I will treasure them. I just praise God that I can show my children this unconditional love that He shows us.
We LOVE you Natalie! So excited that you're two!
Here are pics of Natalie's birthday week:


  1. aww...happy birthday nay-nay!! haha, can't wait to see you guys on the 4th.

  2. amazing to think where we were 2 years ago and look now! Happy Birthday Nay-Nay! I hope that Morgan and Nay-Nay become great friends! I have enjoyed watching Nay-Nay grow up...I'm so thankful for your willingness to watch Morgan too! Thanks!!

  3. It's funny the thing I remember most about the day Natalie was born was the AWFUL breast infection I had and that I didn't get to see her until she was like 30 hours old. ERGH!!!! I'm still SO mad that I wasn't one of the first people there! It's not every day that your little sister and best friend has her first child. I'm so PROUD of what a terrific mother you are! I love you so much!!