Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our little Pianist

Thought I'd post that Natalie is saying "mama" now. Usually it's when she is frustrated, mad, or crying over something. Whereas "dada" is more frequent when she's happy. Whenever she's unhappy, I just sit her by the piano for a while and she calms down. She loves to play Beethoven and Chopin. She's not that great yet but she's getting there! She's definately getting her own personality, too. Lately she has been a dancing fool. Natalie's so close to crawling. She's also starting to throw little fits, which isn't fun at all.


  1. Jackson would love to play with Natalie sometime! We should get a play date together at some point. Aunt Sara is watching him today since he has an ear infection but I think that he's getting quite spoiled with her there.

    Glad to hear that things are going well with her! We can't get those sounds out yet - he just likes to bable for us.... probably because we're talking too much!

  2. Hey...should be call you Katie? It has been a while since you posted last!! What's the deal????
    Hope everything is going well with you!!! Talk to you soon!