Friday, February 1, 2008

Natalie - 7 months

Natalie is just older than 7 months. It's been a pretty good month. She just recently pulled herself up to standing in her crib. And she's all of a sudden showing interest in crawling. She can get on all fours for about a second before falling onto her stomach. I'm just praying that she doesn't crawl while we're on our trip. Jordan and I are trying to teach her the meaning of "no" as well. So far, she's pretending not to understand. For example, my 10 month old niece, Briella, takes such a beating from Natalie. She's bigger and she can crawl away and yet Natalie always manages to grab ahold of Briella's hair. But everytime I scold her for it she just goes for it again. It is pretty cute some of the responses I get from Natalie when I tell her "no" but I really do believe she understands. We just feel so blessed being parents. I never knew how rewarding it could be....and at every age. She has changed so much since we brought her home from the hospital. Sometimes I wish time could just stand still. And yet, I love to see her learn new things and grow.

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