Friday, October 30, 2015

Ruby's Seventh

This girl of mine... where do I even begin?!  Ruby is such a thoughtful, fun-loving girl.  She is wise beyond her years!  She loves to tease and tantalize but then she is a caretaker, making sure everyone has good feelings.  She's great with Emmy and little kids. She is a magnet and I'm sure we have a future babysitter on our hands.  She is all-girl and an individual.  She's a leader as well but I think mostly because other kids look to her to lead.  She is very confident (sometimes too confident for her own good!)  Ruby has a tender heart.  She loves Jesus and is developing a sweet relationship with him as evident in her prayers and the way she treats others.  She is still our big story teller.... watch out!  She gives details galore!  

She is amazingly good at reading others.  She can see into the 'real you' and what is motivating someone to act a certain way!  At the beginning of the school year, Ruby had some uneasiness about her class.  She was encountering a person that made empty promises and threats.  She was confused about this because she has great trust in people and thinks the best about them.  And yet, she slowly figured this person out and realized the motive behind the empty threats... it was a manipulation for this person to get their way.  Ruby's first consistent exposure to a manipulator.  But it was a learning tool for her and she can recognize that trait in others too now.  We have had to tell Ruby that it's ok for her to take care of herself and to gently set boundaries against manipulation.  Being a caretaker and people-pleaser, Ruby puts others' happiness above her own.  Her mother does that to a fault but has learned that it's not always healthy to be a 'push-over'!

Currently, Ruby's love languages seem to be physical touch and gifts.  If Ruby is mad/sad/hurt, all it takes is a bear hug and some reassurance for her to calm down,  And she's always been into gifts and things.  Actually, we're afraid she's a border-line hoarder!!  We have to constantly be on her to tidy up her room a bit because if it comes to me doing it... grr!!  I'll come across a pile of wrappers she's saved.  Or small boxes crammed with tiny toys she's forgotten she has!  Even her Lego houses have drawers lined up filled with little Lego pieces!  But it all has a meaning behind it or a 'purpose'!  

We loved celebrating Ruby's birthday!  She loves nothing more than a party all about her!  She has no problem being the center of attention!  

Ruby picked bakery doughnuts instead of cake! 
Ruby, I'll never believe that you are SEVEN years old already!  We are so proud with the young lady (woman?!) you are becoming!  You bring such joy to this family and we wouldn't be the same without you!  We love you!

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