Sunday, December 14, 2014

natalie's baptism

I cannot even express what this day meant for me.  Natalie decided all on her own to get baptized.  After an announcement about upcoming baptisms one Sunday, Natalie whispered to me that she wanted to get baptized.  The youth pastor had explained that if you are a follower of Jesus but have never taken this step then maybe this was the time to do that.  So after the service we explained this further to Natalie and that she would have to share her testimony.  It was a no-brainer for her!

She wrote up her testimony all on her own and on December 7 she read her testimony and was baptized.  This is what she wrote:  

"Today I am getting baptized because I believe in Jesus.  I know he is king, I love him.  I've known Jesus as long as I can remember!  I know he died on the cross and he changed me.  Without him, I would be sad.  I feel happy because Jesus is always with me.  I want Jesus to always be in my heart because he saved me.  Jesus did not just save me, he saved all of us!  That's why I am getting baptized."

I was nervous for her beforehand but she didn't seem too nervous.  Once it was her turn (after watching 6 others go before her) she strode up to that microphone and read what she had wrote.  She got into the tub afterwards and answered the Pastor when he asked her if she believed that Jesus loved her and if she was going to live her life for Him.  After she was dunked and when she emerged, the entire church cheered!

How moving!  How exciting!  And what an awesome God!  I'm so grateful that Jesus is my Friend, but to experience this in my Daughter's life?!  Incredible!  Natalie loves Jesus, believes in Him, and wants to live for Him.  And I just praise the Lord that He died for all of my children.  This is the joy of Easter, right here in Natalie's baptism.  And in every moment up to this point and in the rest of her life.  This is what life is all about: Our Heavenly Father who reached out to us sinners through His perfect Son, Jesus.  And Natalie has given her life back to Him and has been baptized as a symbol.  And what a beautiful symbol it was!

She did so great!

Afterwards we celebrated with family and friends!


 Ruby and Charlie were pretty proud, too!

What a blessing to be able to share this moment with our families and friends that have loved her and supported her and Jordan and I throughout her life.  We had quite an awesome support system around us that day!

To God be the Glory!

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