Sunday, October 19, 2014

rosy mound

We went for a family hike on what we think was probably the last decent Sunday of the year before the weather turned bitterly cold (although who knows, in Michigan we might get an 80* day yet!)  It was chilly but perfect for hiking.  This is place is just gorgeous.

Charlie had acorns dropping out of his pockets with every step.  And I still keep finding them in the van.

Ruby insisted on bringing her bag complete with her homework and pencil box full of crayons.  She was stubbornly refusing to leave it behind so we told her she had to carry it the whole time.  And she did!

It's not just the same to go to the beach without wiggling your toes in the sand!  Charlie is our barefoot boy.  Always content to go without shoes.  Me too!

I love their selfies!

I helped Ruby with her bag at the very end of our walk... and that might just be some moss I considered putting in her bag ;)


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