Sunday, September 28, 2014

fairy godmothers

Natalie has three years under her belt now but Ruby got to experience being a live mannequin for Spring Sweet for the first time this year.  We're always excited when Spring asks Natalie help and this year, she asked if Ruby would like to, as well.  She also said she would need a third girl and wondered if we had any suggestions... we immediately thought of Molly.  Molly is our 10 year old babysitter.  She is the youngest of four sisters and has been co-sitting probably since she was 4!  She knows our kids and family so well and I knew she and Ruby would do a great job, just like Natalie.  The theme for the Downtown Holland Live Mannequin Show for Sping's store was 'Sleeping Beauty'.  Can you guess who these three portrayed?!

Aren't they so cute?!!!

no nose piercing yet, Ruby!

The girls saw so many friends from outside the window, including our friends Brian and Dorothy who were in town for just a few short hours and their cousins.  Daddy caught up with them later after coming back from the island.  They did so great.  Ruby and Molly stood proper and poised.  Natalie did too but every once in a while, she would wink or twiddle her wand.  Such a fun time!!

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