Monday, July 28, 2014

jordan's birthday

Jordan turned 30!!  Seems like just yesterday that we became friends.  I was 17 and he was still 18.  Now he's 30?!  I had wanted to make it special for him but I was actually away at camp over his birthday.  I thought about him more than ever that day.  I called him to wish him a happy birthday that morning and then again in the afternoon and my camp girls sang to him.  Meanwhile, my mom came over on his birthday and let him have a night out.  Our girls and some neighborhood girls put on a musical production for him as well and they had some dessert from my mom.  I hope it was special:)  We went out for his birthday after I got back (to the casino!) and had just a little surprise celebration with friends and pizza later.

In honor of his 30th, here are 30 random things I love about Jordan:

1. He loves me back
2. He's playful
3. When he laughs really hard
4. The way his eyes crinkle with a smile
5. He's handsome
6. He's honest
7. He asks for me to pick out his church clothes
8. He prefers for me to drive so he can ride
9. Amazing dad
10. How he loves plush new socks
11. How he calls candy corn, 'corn candy'
12. His confidence
13. He loves Jesus
14. He tries new things
15. He sings and hums and dances around the house
16. He sings and hums and dances in public
17. How he loves his back scratched
18. Ok, sometimes even his farts are really funny (except for at this EXACT moment that I'm writing this, he let one rip and it stinks.  That isn't something that I love!)
19. He loves toys
20. He loves space
21. That he was almost a pilot
22. He provides for us
23. He loves 'My Little Pony'
24. He likes movies and to read because he's so imaginative
25. He loves to travel
26. He is so smart
27. He makes me laugh
28. He gives me hugs and kisses
29. He cuddles
30. He's spontaneous

So in love with him and proud to be his wife :)

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