Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Wow.  It has taken me way too long to write an update on my baby!  Poor fourth child!  So what's new with little Em?

She is 18 months old.  Wait, what??!  I cannot believe that she's that old already!!  She just had a doctor's appointment: she is 23.5 lbs (75th percentile), 31in tall (25th), and her head is 45cm (25th).  I think that's officially the first time I've ever mentioned the weights and heights of my children.  I kind of don't really care as long as it's not an issue.  Emmy grew a lot since her last check-up but she's still on the shorter side.

And just this week, she has said so many words for the first time!  I just adore this stage when they start talking.  She knows a lot of signs too and actually uses them still even if she can say the words, too.  She's a great sleeper and napper.  There are many days where I actually wake her up from her nap.  Emmy's a girly-girl.  She dances and sings all of the time.  She knows a lot of Disney songs and 'Jesus Loves Me.'  She loves playing with her babies.  It amazes me how natural it comes to her to just mother.  She's a goof ball and anything I play with her that makes her laugh is a favorite (peek-a-boo, hit-the-ditch) and she knows how to act like an animal when she plays with Natalie.  And she loves books and getting read to.  She'll still cuddle up by me which is such a gift!  We both seem content for me to pretend that she's more of a baby than what she actually is!

Emma and Charlie are best buddies.  Emmy will call out 'guys' when she wakes up.  And many times, Charlie races me to get Emmy out of bed and she's always happy to see him.  She reaches way over the crib and Charlie reaches way up;  her legs about go over her head like she's about to do a backwards somersault and Charlie about falls backward but they pull it off.  And every time Charlie tells her that she's getting heavy!  They walk out of the bedroom holding hands!  It took awhile for me to catch him in the act of getting her out of bed.  She would just appear and we didn't ever know how they possibly could have pulled it off!  It's talent!

Emma (yeah, we call her Emma a lot and it confuses people but it's our nickname for her!) loves to go outside and points out the window all day long if we're stuck inside.  And anywhere the kids are, that's where she is.  Which means that when the kids take off to ride their bikes, she is running into the road.  I think I will be doing a lot of chasing this summer!

And her absolute most favorite thing to do is to take BATHS!  She loves bath time!  She's the cleanest kid you've ever met!  She lays on her back with her ears in the water for a whole minute or more.  And if she gets in with Charlie when the water is a bit deeper, she floats!  I'm sure it helps that she's in the 75th percentile in buoyancy (I guess it was helpful for me to share her stats!).  On Easter Sunday morning, she was lucky enough to take 3 baths.  The first was planned and after she was dried and diapered, she hopped in with Charlie.  I dried and diapered her and this time I dressed her and just that fast, she jumped in Charlie's bath again!

So many times I go in to kiss Emmy while she's asleep at night and I just thank God again and again that he blessed us with her.  We thought that it would be best for us to have only 3 kids.  And that would have probably been easier.  But I'm so thankful that God's will was for us to have a fourth!  She is a delight!

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