Wednesday, April 9, 2014


What's new with Charlie?!  This little man of mine is growing up!  He's taller, more mature, learning....  I would say he's still his momma's boy but even that is changing :(  But some things are unchanging: Charlie is really great at his 'please' and 'thank yous'.  I'm not sure how or why but he's got these manners down better than the girls!  He's still my little cuddler.  Almost every night he winds up in bed with us!  He always stretches out and remarks about how nice our bed is!  He still loves to have his back scratched and if I start to rub his back, he lifts up his shirt so I can scratch his bare back.  That is exactly what Jordan does every time!  It's so cute that both boys have this same instinct!!  Charlie will sometimes show his affection by telling me to lay by him so he can scratch my back!  Love him!

Charlie adores Emmy.  They definitely have a special connection.  Emmy wants to hug him all the time and Charlie is always watching out for her.  He's always calling her 'honey' and when I catch them standing by each other, Charlie naturally rubs her head or scratches her back.  If Emmy is sad about something and I'm not right there, she goes to Charlie!

Charlie gets along with the Natalie and Ruby really well, too.  They are into playing 'house' together which is too adorable!   They pretend they're Charlie's teacher and he's a pretty good student of theirs for how bossy they can be!  But Charlie is also a great antagonizer!  He's very subtle!  He makes this cute little face with his lips all puckered and then shakes his butt and his shoulders and it sends the girls through the roof.  And I have to try not to laugh.  Sometimes I catch myself being all stern and constantly barking at the kids to stop picking on each other.  But when I stop and watch, it's so funny!  Charlie can do anything when the girls are in a mood and they will get mad at him!  So I can't hardly blame him for doing it!  It's hilarious!

Last year Charlie went through a phase where he didn't want much to do with Jordan.  That has all changed and he wants to be a part of everything that daddy's a part of.  He is such a boy.  They were making a fire in the fire pit the other night and I wish I had had my camera on me.  There they both were, on their haunches, blowing on the fire together.  Neither of them realize how precious they are!

I'm not sure where Charlie picked this up but he will say, "_______ is my life"!  So I'll be shredding cheese and he's smell and sigh and close his eyes and say in his most passionate voice, "Cheese is my life!"  No one else in our family says that.  I'm assuming he got it from a movie.

Charlie has started up with the deep questions like his sisters: "When will we die?"  "When will you go up to Heaven?"  And Jesus is no longer in his heart but in his belly button!  He loves to go to church, too and I can tell he's starting to understand more.

Charlie is notorious around here for his messy hair and the ring around his mouth that I cannot ever seem to get rid of!  And watch out, this boy can dance!  Charlie is the best dancer of the family.  I can see it already that he's got rhythm!  And he sings really well.  He's a little more reserved around people than his sisters but when he's at home, he's singing all the time, dancing, loud and rowdy!  We all love our fun-loving little man!

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