Thursday, March 27, 2014

pursuing her happily ever after

THIS girl!  When we named her Ruby (her name meaning a vivacious, undiluted gem), I didn't know what we were in for!!  Ruby is extraordinarily passionate!  And she is all girl!  I have never seen someone who can turn absolutely anything into a 'cute little baby', ie: snowflakes, legos and army guys, guns, birds, and of course barbies.  She can play barbies for hours on end.  And it's almost always the same plot: bad guy captures Rapunzel.  Good guy saves Rapunzel.  Good guy kills bad guy.  All barbies fight over good guy.  Rapunzel has a baby.  Good guy becomes a daddy.  Daddy dies.  You didn't see that coming, did you?  She also plays with her polly pockets in which she has these tiny crowns and cakes and jewels that are half the size of your pinky nail but she always knows exactly where to find them! 

Which leads me to my next observation.  Ruby is a treasure hunter!  We don't go anywhere without her finding and picking up coins, teeny little jewels or gems that have fallen off items in the store (you know, things that are just vacuumed up... heaven forbid!).  Last week she found this small fluffy bird in the store which I was unaware that she had until after we were out of the store. I'm pretty sure that she didn't take something she shouldn't have because a) there wasn't a tag on it, b) it was kind of raggedy and c) she found it on the ground.  By the time I discovered she had this little bird, I had buckled everyone in and was about to drive away.  Had we still been in the store, I probably would have asked a cashier about it.  So, hopefully we didn't steal anything!  That being said, we lost a hat of Charlie's in that same store and never got it back.  So yeah, we're good.  Plus, I am the type that corrects cashiers if they charge me too little money!!  So go away, guilty conscience!  Anyways, she is always spotting things that the rest of us overlook.

Ruby has been a little sweetheart for quite some time too.  For awhile there, she was very dramatic.  I think because SHE wanted to be the mom.  But now, she is always looking out for everyone.  She plays really well with Natalie and Charlie and if/when there are issues, it's usually either one of them. She used to play with her dolls more but Emmy is currently her big, real-life, baby doll.  I can hardly find any pictures of Ruby where she's not holding onto Emma and coercing her to do what she says with her most sweetest voice.  I'm so proud of who she is and who she is becoming.  She has always had this genuine sweetness to her.  She is going to be a great babysitter and mother someday.  Or a teacher.  She lectures Charlie sometimes and he's been learning a lot from her.  Or I can see her being a princess at Disney World.  Seriously!!  The way she talks, sings, and dances.  The way she naturally poses.  And the way she is with kids... yes, that could (and probably should) be in her future!  Except for I doubt that Disney princesses fart!  Ruby can let out the loudest farts!  In the morning you can hear them from anywhere in the house. I promise, she gets it from Jordan, not me!!

She's such a lover!  She loves to hold my hand and sit by me.  If she senses I'm not happy, she talks to me like I'm the daughter and she's the wise mother!  She tries to keep the peace between everyone.  And if she sees that someone isn't getting along with someone else (as long as she's not part of that equation!), she tries to figure out how to make everyone happy.  This happens at home, in school, and on the bus, I am told!

And Ruby is doing wonderfully at school!  She is already starting 'pop corn words'... in Young Fives!!  She has always been a book worm so I know she will try her hardest at reading.  I am blown away by what she is learning.  When we filled out Valentine's Day cards, Ruby knew her entire class by first and last names!  I'm thinking it's because her teacher must do that?  It sure is cute though when she refers to her friends like that!

This girl reminds me everyday how important this 'let them be little' stage is.  I know sometimes I pressure my kids to just grow up or to stop pretending.  I sometimes expect them to act like adults.  But these times of play really promote learning and development and I can definitely see this in Ruby.  She is so sweet and innocent right now.  In a time when our culture is negatively influencing girls to mature faster and faster, why would I inhibit her play?  She's got such an amazing imagination!  Ruby makes it her duty that her life is a fairy-tale!  She's a passionate, playful, princess, treasure hunter pursuing her happily ever after!

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