Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ruby is five...

...going on 16!  We had a couple of parties to celebrate this honey and she was so excited to celebrate her birthday at school for the first time.  I think it was a pretty great birthday.  Ruby is truly sugar and spice.  And you never know which Ruby you're gonna get!  She's as girly as a little girl can come, hence the party skirt and jewelry.  She is a treasurer.  Her nightstand is full of things that mean something to her... there's a story behind each trinket and picture.  She's a romantic.  Ruby loves a good love story and dreams up love stories for herself.  She's uplifting.  When she senses that someone is sad, she bends over backwards to lift their spirits.  Even if it's Charlie on a time-out for picking on her, she's trying to smuggle his blanket to him.  What a sweet and sassy element she brings to our family... what a blessing!  We love her so much!

Ruby's mini-me and favorite baby

Couldn't love this little lady any more than I already do!

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