Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Guitar or Guitar Hero?

I thought I'd better post that Jordan's learning to play the guitar so we can remember when he started. I think he may have been inspired by our buying Guitarhero. So now he's bought a guitar and getting lessons from his grandpa who's an old pro. I don't know anything about guitar but it seems like he's really catching on quick. Jordan's grandpa is the sweetest man you'll ever meet with a great sense of humor. He loves to play and sing with guitar and we love to hear him. We've been going to grandpa and grandma's house for the lesssons. I'm hoping to brush up on my knitting skills (or lack of) with grandma...either that or I'll learn to play the banjo. Grandpa gave me a lesson, also, and it was a lot of fun! Jordan and I just may have a bluegrass band one day!! Or if that doesn't quite take off, we'll just have a band on Guitar Hero. So far we're better at that, anyway!

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